Cyber Security Assessment

Effective cyber security assessment requires trust, openness and honestly. Let’s be honest, we’re trying to identify weakness, vulnerabilities, ways in, how to get data out and ultimately where you are exposed. No one likes to admit weakness.

There is no perfectly secure organisation, we all have to take a pragmatic and practical approach to risk in every area of our life, and corporate cyber security is no different.

The most common request we get is to gauge the level of risk a company faces, what the risks are and how to fix them. This will cover physical controls, data leakage, staff awareness, identity challenge, penetration testing and a few covert tactics.

Inavate provide a full range of security assessment including overt, covert, digital attack and penetration testing by certified CREST and Tigerscheme security professionals. We also have a select list of UK Military personnel for specialised tasks.

Take the first step to enhanced cyber security and talk to one of our security team directly. You’ll sleep better for it.