The ICO bites back

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is the UK’s independent authority which protects all of our data and information rights. Companies in breach of the codes governing who they communicate with, and under what circumstances are subject to significant penalties. The frequency of action is increasing and the fines being imposed are often running in to the tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds. All of these fines could have been avoided, most were the result of poor advice or companies simply ignoring the rules. Make no assumptions, the ICO really does have teeth.


Inavate partnership in Malta

After many years working with their management team, Inavate have partnered with Future Generation Solutions, Malta’s leading IT systems integrator and consultancy who serve many of the islands leading international corporations.

“Combining decades of experience in IT systems, infrastructure and data storage with Inavate’s reputation as the European leader in cyber security and ISO 27001 has generated a very positive reaction from the diverse business community in Malta.” - Pete Stroud, CEO of Future Generation Solutions.


Anyone for Phishing?

It seems Phishing has become very popular recently in the cyber crime world. And we have all at some point been a victim. The simplicity of phishing is the attraction to attackers, an email is crafted with the same look and feel as you would expect from your bank, Facebook, Dropbox etc often asking you to log in or reset your password. One click to a convincly similar URL and identical web landing page and they have your details. Confidential corporate data, financial access, all in seconds. Does your organisation have the tools and staff awareness training to combat phishing, spear phishing, CEO fraud, pharming, Dropbox phishing and more?